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Criminal Law in Southern Pines, NC

Having represented many well-respected, individuals we can say with a great degree of certainty that anyone can be investigated, arrested, charged and prosecuted for a crime. Having read news reports, articles and magazine features on stories of innocent people for much longer, we can also say that anyone can be convicted. We take your criminal defense seriously!

As Vigorous defenders of civil rights, The Law Offices of Ron Scott, PLLC., also defends the rights of people throughout Moore, Hoke and Robeson Counties, and elsewhere in the Southeastern North Carolina area who are under investigation or who have been arrested on a criminal charge. At The Law Offices of Ron Scott, PLLC., we try to accommodate as many of our clients’ legal needs as possible. This builds trust and provides value to the client in many ways. When you are under investigation in a criminal matter, or have been arrested and charged with a crime, that trust is never more important. While we do not hold ourselves out to be solely a “criminal defense law firm,” the lawyers at our firm have experience in the many areas of criminal defense. As a result, we understand prosecutorial approaches and the strategies District Attorneys use to try and convict you.

Our Criminal Defense practice covers areas including DWI/Charges, drug charges, assault and domestic violence charges, traffic and municipal violations, and a variety of other felonies and misdemeanors. The Law Offices of Ron Scott, PLLC., has offices in Southern Pines and Robeson County North Carolina and handles clients throughout Southeastern North Carolina including Moore, Cumberland, Lee, Hartnett, Richmond and Montgomery Counties.

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